Chapter 2

Game 3

In this game, the characters decided to follow up on the mysterious letter they found. They returned to Fallcrest where they investigated the attacks on the merchants and found on merhcant, Ander Norin, was in league with a band of bandits. Through some less then friendly means they had him tell them of his little scheme, using this information the party then caught the bandit informant and question him about the whereabouts of his group, which were located at Korniel, a small villiage just North of Aarde and West of Holdmeet.

At Korniel the party, using their charm and wit, got themeselves into the heart of the bandits stronghold, and even got their most sneaky member alone with the boss of the group. Unfortunatly after some failed attempts at coercen, the party was forced to kill the boss and make a quick escape after a short raid of his office, where they snatched up some papers.



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