Major Locations


Population: 440,000 (50% Human, 6% Tiefling, 13% Halfling, 8% Elf, 7% Dwarf, 8% Dragonborn, 3% Eladrin, 5% Half-elf)
Exports: Fish, livestock, red-light district.
Language: Common.

Aarde is a port city; its main trade is fish, supplemented by a thriving livestock market. Home to fishermen and farmers, Aarde’s claim to power is in their navy, controlling several warships. Aarde is a basin of sin, with a blooming red-lights district and black market, Aarde has become home to drug dealers and whores. The port is covered in trash and waste, with the nauseating stench rolling in with the tide; men drink themselves to death while women sell themselves to survive.


Population: 410,000 (43% Human, 6% Tiefling, 13% Halfling, 15% Elf, 7% Dwarf, 8% Dragonborn, 3% Eladrin, 5% Half-elf)
Exports: Wine, wood, Eladrin
Language: Common.

Asturia is known as the elven gate, it is ruled by a diplomatic body called the council. The key instigator in the Crowned War, many hold Asturia with contempt for destroying their peaceful little lives. But the population of Asturia doesn’t let that get to them, full culture, Asturia is filled with people from all walks of life. But behind this mask, this façade of peace lays a corruption, men and women deal under the table to improve their position and power in the diplomatic system, while underground agents whisper ideas of prejudice in the ears of the many citizens.

Bael Turath

Population: 660,000 (55% Human, 17% Tiefling, 4% Halfling, 1% Dragonborn 5% Dwarf, 2% Other)
Exports: Clothing, rugs, education, spice.
Language: Daemonic, Common.

Known as the lord’s city, Bael Turath has a dark reputation, the once capital of Turathia, the many lords of the city fight for control of the throne. Created by the warlord Lorel Turath, this broken city is older then any other and bares the scars of its age. Segregated and lost in turmoil, the lower class are heavily repressed by the nobles and lords who spend their time plotting and partying in expensive functions.


Population: 380,000 (50% Human, 6% Tiefling, 13% Halfling, 8% Elf, 7% Dwarf, 8% Dragonborn, 3% Eladrin, 5% Half-elf)
Exports: Precious stones, mercenaries, fish.
Language: Common, Draconic.

Fallcrest is the city of adventure, full of many races and problems, the Crest Guard are heavily taxed trying to keep the peace. Thriving of an active gem industry, powerful men employ down-on-their-luck men and women to slave in the mines for a pittance of pay. Under constant threat of attack by the many beings of the Mountains, Fallcrest is filled with Mercenaries, these blood thirsty sell swords bring chaos to the peace of the citizens of Fallcrest and many pub brawls lead to the death of one party or the other.


Population: 590,000 (56% Human, 9% Tiefling, 7% Halfling, 9% Elf, 10% Dwarf, 3% Dragonborn, 2% Eladrin, 4% Half-elf)
Exports: Trade central, specialised goods.
Language: Common.

City of commerce and wealth; Holdmeet is the centre of trade, a bridge between the East and the West, everything can be found here. The Official ruler of Holdmeet is Earl Rihan Delrel, but everyone knows he is just a pawn to the real ruler Merchant Lord Nordor Quilos. Holdmeet is the city where you can buy anything, from illegal slaves and poison, to status and friends. Death is a fact of life in Holdmeet, thieves try to steal from the powerful merchants, and the merchants kill the thieves all the while the “protectors” of the city, the city watch, take bribes from both sides.


Population: N/A
Exports: N/A
Language: N/A

Ruins of the great city of Rouceil, once the centre of Agriculture, it was destroyed in the Crowned War.

Sar Kyr

Population: 270,000 (47% Elf, 46% Eladrin, 7% other)
Exports: N/A
Language: Common, Elven.

The mystical city of the Elves, this set of ancient towers and temples does not exist just on the material plane, phasing back to the Feywield every equinox. Home to the Elves and Eladrin, this private people live very cloistered lives, outsiders are disliked and discouraged and only people who prove themselves to the Elven/Eladrin community may live here. A strange place and one that cares not about the business of the other cities, concerned by events in the Feywild, the inhabitants of Sar Kyr are torn between their two worlds.


Population: 390,000 (72% Dwarven, 21% Human, 7% other)
Exports: Ore, precious metals.
Language: Common, Dwarven.

Shekhec was built by the Dwarves after they freed themselves from their slavery. Based in a valley, surrounded by honeycomb mined mountains, the fear of cave-ins risks the financial security of this laborious giant. Ruled by powerful clans, infighting is a typical occurrence; known for their grudges, these clans fight over arguments centuries old, and the beginning of some rivalries have been forgotten with the flow of clan blood. Instable and chaotic, these Dwarves would sacrifice themselves for their family and kill those of others.

Major Locations

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