May the lady smile upon you.

Known for her luck, Avandra is the patron of Halflings and merchants. She has shrines dotted all over the trade roads and even commands a large temple in the business district of Holdmeet.


In the name of Bahamut, I shall not let this travesty transpire.

Worshiped, but not followed, few are true to the rigid standards of this honourable god of justice. Voiced by those who suffer injustice, they call for him to save them from their own poverty and vices. Bahamut has a shrine in every city except Sar Kyr, and is popular among the Dragonborn who wish to cling onto their heritage.


Dance with Corellon my friend.

Patron of the Elves, Corellon represents spring and beauty. His followers try to show grace and beauty in everything they do, even in a world as dark as this. Considered foolish by the other races, Corellon isn’t common in the Cities beyond Sar Kyr and Asturia.


Stand before Erathis and be judged.

Goddess of Law and civilisation, Erathis is the patron of judges and city guards. She is worshiped by those who wish to stay true to the values they set themselves, and is not very popular outside the administrative bodies of several of the cities.


Ioun, knower of all, grant me the insight to best judge my path.

God of knowledge and study; Ioun is the patron of wizards and generals. Popular among the upper class who can afford education, Ioun is a favourite before the academy exams.


Kord! Grant me the strength to smite my foes!

Kord is the god of strength and battle, worshiped by all those who do battle. Most popular among soldiers and mercenaries, Kord’s name is used as a battle cry by those who wish to win. With shrines in every major city, Kord is a rare site in the poor villages that have no need for a god of battle.


Bless Melora, another fine day awaits.

Goddess of the wild and the sea, she is the patron of Rangers and naturalist who endeavour to protect the natural wonders of the world. The followers of Melora are in constant conflict with Erathis, with blood being spilt on both sides. Melora has shrines scattered throughout the wilderness and small shrines in Aarde and Bael Turath.


Moradin. Protect these halls from the beasts of the world.

The Dwarven patron god, Moradin advocates family and the forge. His followers put family before all else, and go to any extremes for its protection, it is this value that has caused such bloody conflict in Shekhec, where the Dwarves fight over forgotten troubles. Moradin commands centre stage in the temple of Shekhec and is probably the most zealously worshiped of all the deities.


Blazing above. Great Pelor shines on us all, bathing us in his benediction.

Pelor, the sun above, is the god of summer and agriculture. He is the protector of the peasant and the farmer; he has a shrine in every village, town and city. The followers of Pelor provide daily tribute to his church and it is not uncommon for members of his clergy to become corrupt on the bounty of their beliefs.

The Raven Queen

May the Queen hold them in her cold embrace, protecting them from the troubles of the living.

Queen of the dead and the biting cold, The Raven Queen is feared and praised for her power of the dead. All fear the day when they learn the name of this Queen, for her name means death, mourners and grave diggers pray to The Raven Queen to watch over the dead and protect them from the fires of hell and the corruption of undeath. The followers of The Raven Queen teach respect for the dead and the acceptance of death, they are an unpopular sight, but welcome by those in mourning. The Queen has a shrine in every graveyard in every city.


Walk safe under the moon.

Known as the moon, Sehanine is the goddess of illusions and trickery. Beloved by the romantic Elves, Sehanine she promotes love and balance, desiring her followers to walk their own path. She is popular by the secret and the sneaky, many thieves and rogues praise her name. She has shrines in every city.


Kneel before my power.

The Evil god of tyranny and power, he is the lord of the Nine Hells. Many warlocks enjoy openly giving praise to Asmodeus in the free religious society of Bael Turath.


Fall before the horror of Bane.

God of war and conquest, Bane is worshiped during war times and was popular during the Crowned War. He now only holds minor shrines in every city except Bael Turath were he commands a temple.


I’ll take what I want and let the world be damned.

Goddess of wealth, greed and envy, Tiamat is popular among the nobles of Bael Turath, and even though she is outlawed in Holdmeet, every merchant whispers praise to her.


Eternal life, it is not such a high price.

God of undeath, Vecna is an unpopular god, even among the citizens of Bael Turath. The Worshippers of Vecna are often people striving for immortality and power, for Vecna blesses all his followers.


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