The Feel

I. Mystery

Education is for the rich and the ignorant say a lot. Folk lore is ripe among the more secluded and poorer people and it is difficult to decipher between fact and fiction. Fear is a strong weapon, and many powerful people create myths about monsters to discourage investigation, but are all these stories so false?

II. Shades of grey

Nothing is simple; there are always unseen motives and consequences, you can’t trust first impressions, people can change in the length of a conversation, a desperate man might kill to save his family, is he evil?

III. Clear lines of class

Not all are born equal, the nobles are rich, the peasants are poor; and there is a world of difference between the two. Laws and organisations rely upon this distinction, only nobles can become rich, this is the law of the land, corrupt nobles swindle their servants of all their belongings while even the most benevolent leader places a heavy tax upon his servants.

IV. Political tension

Much land lies unclaimed, no true countries exist anymore, and the many powerful members of the world are plotting to change that. Alliances are made then broken, skirmishes are fought but no true war declared. Internal conflict is ripe as the underlings of the powerful desire their own seat.

V. Ugliness

This is not a world of glorious knights in shinning armour, slaying the dragon to save the dame, this is a world where the weak are repressed; where the powerful corrupt and destroy. You won’t find a sweet elven maiden waiting at a bar; you’ll find a harbour whore trying to make a buck.

The Feel

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